Good Day,
Well it has been a great grass and forage year for most of us in this region! Cattle prices are at record prices and with the limited number of cattle on inventory the prices for feeder cattle look to remain at profitable levels for the foreseeable future.

All of us at Ernst Herefords are thankful for the great year 2014 turned out to be. We were fortunate to lease 2000 acres of grass in the Livermore area. This property is at between 7 to 8000 feet elevation. The snow and rain made for awesome grazing and the calves did well. You know it is a good year when you wean fat calves off of well conditioned cows.

It won’t be long and we will be getting our bulls to Brush, Colorado for our spring bull sale. Just as last year the sale will be held the last Friday in February. The date is February 27th and will be held at the Livestock Exchange Auction Barn on Highway 34. We will again be selling with our sale partners, Yearous Cattle Company and Plateau Gelbvieh in what we call the PERFORMANCE PARTNERS BULL SALE.

Hereford Bulls are in high demand. Cattleman are rediscovering what many of us already know to be true….that the Baldy Female is the most adaptable, efficient and productive commercial cow for most environments. At Ernst Herefords we strive to find the best genetics available in the Hereford Breed to build the right kind of bull to generate maximum profit for our customers. Most of our bulls in our sale will have birth weight epd’s well below breed average. Once we have established that low birth weight then we strive to build in traits using a balanced approach that address growth rate, carcass traits and outstanding maternal characteristics because we know many of you will retain these F1 females as your replacements.

To the many of you that already are customers of Ernst Hereford’s, we thank you very much. We also want to thank those of you that come by our place or attend the sale for your interest in our bulls and breeding program.

Marshall Ernst Herefords


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